you can call me whitney, whit, whitters, or dub. it's your choice.

i will answer to all, and know that if i like you, i'll probably have a nickname for you sooner or later.

im a colorado born, texas raised, and utah livin' 23 year old.

anywhere with mountains feels like home.

some of my favorite things to do: traveling, camping, snowmobiling, fishing, four wheeling, hiking, site-seeing, and then documenting it all.

i am always down to meet new people and go on adventures..so feel free to send me an invite!

i'm a junior at utah valley university studying digital marketing.

and i absolutely love it.

i have always been a creative soul, and digital marketing allows me to take my ideas and turn them into a reality.

ultimately, my goal is to help you.

i want to make your brand or product more marketable and successful.

i want to make you look gooooood.

what do you say?

my website includes:

my adventures

my portfolio (photography, videography)

my work with adobe products

stick around. check it out. 

say hey.

and let's go on a rad adventure together.