madrid, spain

madrid was our first stop on our road trip in españa.

spain has been #1 on my bucket list ever since i was little, so to actually check this off the list was a total dream!!

if i told you everything about my time in madrid, it would take wayyy too long, so i thought i would share some of my best memories of this rad city.

-our first day we decided to grab a bite to eat at this random shop. we ordered, ate, and then went to pay; however, we realized we didn't have the right money. so, my dad and i decided to go find a bank to change from dollars to pesos. i quickly realized that even though i could speak spanish in spain, it was very different from central america. we actually had to go to a bank to switch to pesos instead of a guy in the street holding a huge bag full of money ready to help us do the switch.

anyways, finding the bank turned out to be an adventure itself. we asked multiple people and they all gave us different directions to this bank. after walking up and down 20 blocks, my dad and i realized that we were very lost. haha but we at least got to explore the center of madrid for a couple hours. we eventually found the bank and found our way back to chief, maddles, and kris. they weren't too happy but once they realized we got a workout for the week, they just laughed.

here are some pictures of the PLAZA MAYOR, which is the plaza right in the center of the city. here is where we had our first traditional spanish meal: paella, bread, cheese (which i skipped) and different types of salchicha.

the next day in spain we went to this famous restaurant that served dinner and a flamenco show. it was pretty pricey....uhm, ridiculous pricey...but so worth it to be able to see the culture of spain up close. we couldn't take pictures during the show but here is what it's called:

we also went to EL PALACIO REAL DE MADRID, which is where the royal family lives:

here is just a typical street in madrid. the streets are narrow and the building are tall and colorful:

then we went to ALMUNEDA CATEDRAL. the work was insanely beautiful: