TNT guns and range

for family night, my dad and brother planned or us to go to TNT guns and range located in murray.

has anyone been to TopGolf?

well this place is TopGolf but for guns!

you get to choose what guns you want to shoot and what targets you want to shoot at.

they also have a hamburger restaurant inside just incase you get the munchies. food isn't allowed in the ranges but the restaurant is located right when you walk in, it's pretty cheep and the food is great.

you can bring your own guns or you can use there's but you have to buy ammo from them!

it was pretty expensive by the end of the fun, but it was worth it!

so if you wanna bring a date, i suggest you make sure you really like them and know you're gonna be spending more than a benjamin at this place.

go check out their website for prices: